There are things in life that you learn to accept… not that you agree to it, but you learn that it is indeed possible and people may have various reasons for doing it.

Is it part of adulting? Maturing?

Whatever it is, you now have a better understanding of things.. That maybe the reason why you slowly understand why people do those things that was once a taboo for you…


Today is a very important date for me, well, it used to be.

What I realized is that once an important date should forever be important. I might not celebrate it the way I used to, but just being reminded of what is it all about I guess is enough. 

We should always remember the good things that happened and learn from the bad… but still we should remember…

Mature love…?

Falling in love should feel the same.. right?

Fluttering of the heart… wanting to be with him everytime… etc..

But is there such thing as mature love? 

Love that doesn’t always takes a risk but rather analyzes the situation first..

Love that sacrifice… for the happiness of others and the majority…

Love that is not acknowledged to avoid complications…

A year older… again..

How does it feel to be a year older again? Well nothing much.. Is it because I am at my 2nd half? Where new life begins?

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me and to all those having their birthday!


2016 is a very eventful year for me.. mostly in my work environment that is..

CHANGE – even if my job drives changes in my office, it is really not easy when you’re the one going thru it. 

FRIENDS – office friends are kinda unique. They are far more different than the ones you have in schools/neighbors. I guess at the end of the day, protecting ones job is the top priority.

BULLYING – office bullying do exist! Yeah, was a victim this year.. lesson learned.

DIVERSITY – common in most workplace but found something new this year.. not everybody have goal in life and is just contented with what they currently have – more on personality diversity.

At the end of the day.. it is still good that you have your FAMILY and TRUE FRIENDS to go back to.

Love with Traffic Lights



*credit to owner of pix…


Welcome 2015!

Let’s make 2015 a fun, exciting and fruitful year!



Good dreams…

Let the web catch the good dreams & slide it thru the feathers to me…




Something that I am wishing to have …